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Toilet Repair | Local Jacksonville Plumbers Our toilets are often one of the most neglected appliances in our homes since they can withstand everyday use and can last for a very long time. But, like all other appliances inside our house, they can be susceptible to problems especially when age is taken into consideration. When you are experiencing problems with your toilet, most often, it is easy to conclude that it needs replacement. Although having a new toilet installed can sometimes be the best option to eliminate the problem, it can be viable to seek alternatives to remedy the problem and avoid incurring costly expenses. Our qualified technicians can help find the best solution to your problem if such a case occurs. Having your toilet diagnosed by our certified technicians can be the initial step you can take to make an informed decision. They can quickly pinpoint what is causing the problem and can help repair the issue if needed. Our expert Jacksonville plumbers can inform you if the problem is severe enough to be fixed or needs to be replaced instead.

Reasons Why You Need To Have Professional Toilet Repair by Our Reliable Plumbers in Jacksonville 

You may have been experiencing the same problem over and over. When you do, and the problem is still persistent, it is best to call the immediate attention of our reliable technicians for help. At Plumbers 911, we know how it can be frustrating to have your toilet break down in the middle of a crisis. And DIY toilet repairs can often be time-consuming and frustrating. The best thing about our certified contractors is they can help you fix the problem so it can be less of a burden and less of a hassle on your part. 

Some instances that need the immediate attention of our professional plumbers includes:

A broken flapper – Located inside the tank, the flapper is responsible for releasing the needed water when the toilet is flushed. It is also responsible for sealing and holding the water inside the tank when the water cycle is finished. Flappers are susceptible to being bent, broken, or being warped which can lead to the toilet not flushing properly. When this happens, call us immediately to have it fixed or replaced. Doing it on your own can only worsen the problem or much worse, render the flappers useless. Low water levels – Sometimes the tank does not store enough water to replace the water in the bowl. This can happen because of problems connected with the water supply. If you find yourself regularly adding water to the tank, it is best to call the attention of our experienced plumbers who can immediately fix the problem. Lift chain issues – The lift chain is typically connected to the toilet handle and signals the pump that is it time to flush. When it is disconnected, broken, or is not tight enough, no matter how many times you hit the tank handle, the toilet will not flush. When this happens, call us immediately so we can adjust the lift chains. If you experience any of these problems, call our skilled techs to help you work on the problem quickly and with efficiency. DIY projects and quick fixes can only aggravate the situation, so it is best to seek immediate help.

Knowing When Your Toilet Needs to Be Replaced by Our Local Jacksonville Plumbing Technicians

Though cosmetic issues can be the most common factor when replacing a new toilet, there are still a few occasions when a new toilet can be a good solution. Plumbers 911 can help you determine if your appliance needs to be replaced with a new one. Some of the common issues that you may encounter with your toilet that needs replacement include: ● It requires too many repairs – Your toilet has many small components that work together to form the unit as a whole. While most of them can be easily fixed by our local experts, weighing whether the repair costs can cost you much more money as opposed to having a new toilet installed can be a determining factor for you to consider. Quite often, serious damages can be incurred by the handle, the fill valve, or the flapper with time and use, but they can be easily fixed. Though when these major components become damaged simultaneously, it can be quite costly. Knowing whether the repair or replacement can save you money can help you create an informed decision. ● Recurring and persistent clogs – While your toilet can be serviceable for a very long time, they can also be susceptible to problems like recurrent and persistent clogs. If your toilet is causing a major inconvenience and requires constant plunging, it can be better to have the problem fixed by our professional technicians, or better yet have it replaced by our local plumber. Most often, this problem tends to appear with low-flush toilets which significantly uses less amount of water. You do not have to back down on the water saving, but having a newer model installed by our reliable plumbers can go a very long way. ● Cracks on the porcelain – Toilets are manufactured to be robust and sturdy. Although, there are some instances that they tend to appear with hairline cracks. This can lead to significant leaks especially if it appears on the tank or bowl. When your toilet bowl or tank cracks, it can result in flood water which can potentially damage other existing furnishings. Having it inspected by our qualified technicians before installation can save you from potential problems in the long run. Cracks in the bowl may not be as demanding as one that is located on the tank, but it can be advisable to watch out for possible leaks when flushing. One that is left unseen can damage your floor with time. ● Scores and scratches on the porcelain – Over time, your toilet tank and bowl wear out and become scratched. When this happens, it can be hard to keep your toilet bowl clean. This appears with older toilets which have been around for some time. If your toilet bowl can be difficult to keep clean, it can be better to have a new one installed and save you from the inconvenience of having to scrub it many times.  When you find yourself in a situation where you need to have your toilet repaired or installed, do not hesitate to call Plumbers 911. We can quickly work to fix or replace your toilet so you can have it running in no time.

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