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Frozen Broken Pipes | Jacksonville Plumbers While the winter season is filled with good memories and happy cheers because of the holidays, it can also become a nightmare, especially for your pipes. Proper maintenance of your plumbing system is critical even before the temperature drops considering that pipes can freeze and cause terrible problems. If your pipes at home start to freeze you will have issues accessing running water which, to say the least, is extremely inconvenient as you wouldn’t have anything to use to do your daily cleaning tasks and even cooking, among many other activities that require water. However, apart from the inconvenience this situation brings, it is minuscule compared to the danger of broken pipes. Frozen pipes, when left unaddressed, can cause the piping mechanism in your home to be damaged because of pressure build-up. This is the reason you should immediately call our technicians at Plumbers 911 the moment the temperature drops below freezing or when you start noticing frost on the exterior of the pipes.  

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Bursting pipes in your home are not only inconvenient but very costly. Imagine the amount of money you have to spend not only for repairs but for other hassles that lack of available running water can cost you and your family. Therefore, you should not wait for the problem to occur but rather make sure that you have done all you possibly can to prevent your pipes from freezing and eventually from being broken.  

Here is a to-do list from our team of specialists at Plumbers 911 to get you started:

  • Familiarize yourself with your stopcock; you should know where it is located, how it functions, and how to operate it.
  • Before the winter season starts, make sure that your taps and pipes are in good condition, which means they are not leaking. Leaks can cause pipes to burst during extremely cold weather.
  • Make sure that your piping system, particularly the one utilized for heating purposes, is properly and thoroughly insulated. The same holds true for pipes that are exposed to the cold and normally unheated such as those that are found in the garage or basements. Try to invest on a high-quality pipe lagging for this purpose.
  • Do not forget to completely insulate your cold-water tank considering that it is one of the primary causes of broken pipes.
  • Ensure that your heating system is kept on and at 12 degrees centigrade (at the minimum) especially during cold winter spells so that the piping system is kept warm to continue water flowing and prevent the pipes from breaking.
  • If you happen to leave home for some time during the cold season, do not forget to turn off the stopcock, close all taps, drain all the water from the plumbing system, and keep your heating system on. Should you be gone for an extended amount of time, make sure that you have a trusted person to regularly check your home for any potential problem.
While the tips mentioned above will greatly reduce the chances of your pipes freezing and bursting, they cannot completely guarantee that your piping mechanism will work efficiently and effectively the entire time. It is best to coordinate with us before the cold season starts so that our credible team of contractors can readily conduct preventive and corrective maintenance to keep your mind at ease and able to fully enjoy the holidays.

Dos and Don’ts When Your Pipes Burst 

Frozen Broken Pipes | Jacksonville Plumbing Service At the end of the day, no matter how much precautionary measures you adopt, you cannot fully prevent your piping system from getting broken especially with the presence of uncontrollable factors such as the weather. If your pipes burst suddenly, here are important points that you should consider:
  • Do call us at Plumbers 911 immediately!
If there is a major problem with any of your plumbing system, you can rely on our team of skilled experts to fully address the issue. This kind of problem needs a prompt response if you want to avoid further troubles, which means it is not the time to insist on doing the repair work yourself.
  • Don’t forget to turn off the stopcock.
It is important to stop water from flowing and to generally keep water off the piping system. This is the reason you should close the stopcock at once.
  • Do make sure to move furniture and other valuables away from the affected area.
You should ensure that your belongings do not get damaged or you should at least keep the damage to a minimum by moving your valuables to a safer area.
  • Don’t use electricity.
Water leak and electricity is a dangerous combination, which is why you should refrain from using any electrical devices, lights, or electrical sockets until our team arrives and address the issue. Ultimately, our contractors will ensure that everything will be addressed and your plumbing system will be back in good functioning condition. However, some of the items above should be carried out as soon as you discover the problem to keep the damage to the minimum.

Reasons to Choose Our Plumbing Service in Jacksonville

If you are wondering why you should trust our professional techs when you encounter freezing or broken pipes, here are the top reasons given by our loyal clients: Knowledge and Expertise Every member of our team has years of experience and spent thousands of hours in training to ensure delivery of high-quality results. Concern for Customers Since the work will be carried out inside your home and we care about your safety, that we require all our plumbers to undergo a rigid background check and regular drug testing. Commitment to Excellence All our contractors are licensed and accredited to ensure that all our works are in accordance with set standards. Moreover, we compel them to undergo continuous training so that their knowledge will always be up to date and relevant. If you are ever in need of reliable specialists to address all your pipe-related concerns and issues, make sure to get in touch with us at Plumbers 911. We will make sure that our highly-qualified technicians will be at your doorstep immediately for we are available 24/7!



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