25 Nov

A Handbook On DIY Fiberglass Tub Repair

fiberglass tub repairSooner or later, your bathtub’s smooth, beautiful finish will deteriorate. It may incur cracks, scratches or even get chipped off in different places. These things negatively add to its physical appeal and you might find yourself thinking about upgrading to a new fixture in the long run. However, if you want to save a lot of money, heed our advice and just repair the tub’s surface. Here’s a step-by-step guide you should follow.

1. Clean the affected area with an old lint-free cloth and mild soap. Rinse the spot with water, wipe it and let it dry.

2. Use a fine grit sandpaper and rub around the cracks that you’re trying to remove. Brush all the dust away with a dry cloth. Make sure that there’ll be no particles left on that spot because they will affect the efficiency of the bonding agent or adhesive that you’ll use.

3. Get your fiberglass repair kit and brush the affected area with the bonding agent or adhesive. There should be a brush that came with the kit. Use it.

4. Instead of painting just within the cracks, allow an inch of extension around the damaged area. Let the adhesive dry as per the instructions on your repair kit.

5. When the bonding agent has dried up, fill the bathtub crack with fiberglass filler. Use your putty knife to accomplish this task. Make sure that you’ll remove any excess putty around the cracks. Again, let the putty dry before moving on with the next step.

6. Get a fine grit sandpaper and rub the area once more. Just sand away until the patch is already level with the rest of the bathtub’s surface. Wipe all the dust with an old cloth or a sponge.

7. Get the epoxy gel coat from your fiberglass repair kit and mix it up. Use a small paint brush and apply the epoxy coat to the patch that you made earlier. Paint the crack and extend up to 2 inches around it.

8. Now prepare a piece of fiberglass cloth that fits right into the spot that you painted. Press it on the epoxy with just your hands and then run the knife on it to get rid of air bubbles. This will also smooth the cloth and press it flat on the tub.

9. Apply another coating of epoxy gel, this time, on the fiberglass cloth. Once you’re done, apply the finishing coat or the sealer that should also be included in the kit. Use a paint brush to complete this task.

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