21 Aug

Simple Yet Effective Tips for Drain Cleaning in Port Arthur

effective drain cleaning in Port ArthurDrain pipes work over time in all plumbing systems. Flushed water and wastewater pass through it and into the septic or sewer system anytime of the day. Drains should be kept clean all the time because of this reason. Then again, no matter how vigilant you are in keeping it clean, there is still a huge chance of it being clogged. To name a few, common culprits are hair, food particles, waste material, and grease that has solidified. We have listed down a few simple, yet effective, tips for drain cleaning in Port Arthur to help you should your drains get clogged.

The Amazing Cleaning Power of Vinegar and Baking Soda

The mixture of vinegar and baking soda has long been known to be an effective cleaning agent.  Homemakers often use this amazing mixture in whitening bathroom tiles, kitchen counters, and almost any part of the house. As it turns out, it is also effective in getting rid of dirt and grime in the drain. Professional Port Arthur plumbers recommend pouring this mixture into your drains at least every month to avoid clogging.

First, pour a cup of baking soda. After that, pour a cup of hot vinegar followed by four quarts of boiling hot water. The chemical reaction between these three ingredients will be able to dislodge any sediments that have collected inside the drain. Moreover, the acid in the vinegar helps kill bacteria in the drain pipes while the baking soda helps get rid of nasty odors.

Push It with a Rubber Plunger

One of the simplest plumbing tools there is, the rubber plunger can help displace blockages so it can flow finally into the sewer or septic tank. The secret to the rubber plunger’s power is in the amount of suction it can give.  For toilet tanks, this may not be a problem at all. Just make sure to apply petroleum jelly along the cup’s rim for to prevent as much air as possible from coming out of the cup when you plunge. Meanwhile, using a rubber plunger for a sink that has overflow holes may be a bit of a challenge. First, cover the holes with a wet rag. Then, if there is little or no water in the sink, fill it with at least two inches of water. This will allow your rubber plunger to better push and suck air in.

The Plumber’s Snake to The Rescue

The plumber’s snake or auger is a long metal coil that you can insert into a clogged drain. Turn the coil in a clockwise motion as it goes down the drain to catch dirt and debris such as strands of hair. The plumber’s snake is a common plumbing tool because it is relatively inexpensive and is easy to purchase at a neighborhood hardware store.

Let Plumbers 911 Texas Help You with Drain Cleaning in Port Arthur

Plumbers 911 Texas can connect you with a licensed Port Arthur plumber who can fix clogs or do a maintenance check on your drains. Call (409) 237-3137 today to ask for a free quote and to schedule a visit.


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