26 Jul

Warning Signs and Prevention Tips for Clogged Drains

drain cleaning grandviewNobody wants clogged drains, it’s messy and an inconvenience to almost every homeowner. Its repair is another story, some do want to figure it out themselves but some are wise enough to get the services of a licensed plumber. Let’s just say that not everyone is into DIY or the others value their time and effort more than the prestige of unclogging their own drains.

Here are some ways to prevent blockages and how to know if you drain already has one:

There are so many causes of a blocked drain, but most certainly things that go inside sinks and toilets, infestations of tree roots, broken or dislodged pipes.

  • Avoid dumping coffee grounds inside your sink as they pile up in the pipelines and adhere to each other like concrete. Overtime they build up causing blockages.
  • Do not, ever, flush ANY sanitary product, wipes included, down the toilet. This is probably the first cause of blocked drains.
  • Avoid planting trees near any drain to avoid tree root infestation. A drainage plan from your city council is helpful before you plant any tree.
  • Regularly clean your easy-clean waste catcher in the shower because soap products mixed with falling hair can cause blockages in drains.

A blockage is easy to notice:

  • Water flows slowly down your shower, kitchen or bathroom drains.
  • Putrid smell around the house.
  • Gurgling in the toilet, basin or kitchen sink.
  • Collapsed areas in your back or front yard.
  • Trash overflow from your septic tanks.

Actually, one can fix a minor blockage using homemade equipment such as hanger or plumber snake. Acid based products are also good alternatives though extreme care is needed if you plan to use this option. Thoroughly follow instructions and use protective gear every time you use it.

However, there would be instances when no amount of DIY can fix a serious blockage. This is high time for you to call a professional Grandview plumber to do the unclogging for you. It is not waste of money, instead it is an assurance that the task is done correctly and efficiently.

For an efficient drain cleaning in Grandview, call Plumbers 911 where there is a plumber ready to take your plumbing job 24/7, even during the holidays!

These licensed and bonded service technicians in Grandview will plunging it first, and if it is not going to work, they would use their drainage machine capable of chewing blocking nappies and wipes, tree roots, and any other debris in the drain. Another option that they might consider is jet flushing the drain with high pressure water.

If the problem is not in the pipeline then they might consider mainline video inspection in Grandview or sewer inspection in Grandview to really see if the blockage is inside the sewer pipe. It could be something big or tree roots have really infested your sewage.

Blocked drains has to be addressed to immediately to avoid it from escalating to bigger plumbing problems. Consider the preventive steps above and call a licensed plumber immediately before things get worse.

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