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10 May

What You Need To Know About Drain Cleaning in Boston

Boston local drain plumbing

As a homeowner, you will do everything to protect your precious property. Caring for your home should not stop with regular cleaning and updating of furniture, appliances, and other fixtures. Remember that your plumbing system is also as important as the other parts of your house. Drain cleaning in Boston should be part of your annual plumbing maintenance activity. After years of continuously using your kitchen sink, bathroom, and shower, it is but normal to expect drain clogging. 

Types of Drain Cleaning

  1. Using a plumber’s snake – A plumber’s snake is the simplest tool to use in cleaning a drain. This is a metal cable that a licensed Boston plumber pushes into the clogged drain. The snaking technique is usually done to unclog 2-inch and 4-inch drain lines. 
  2. Hydro-jetting – This is a unclogging technique that uses high-pressure water system (around 3,000 PSI) that can push debris and grease from the drain lines.  Hydro-jetting is very effective in unclogging 2-inch drains. In fact, this technique is best for kitchen drain because it can remove the most stubborn grease and food wastes that have hardened over time. 
  3. Sewer camera inspection – For major drain cleaning issues, Boston plumbing experts recommend inspecting the sewer line with a camera. In doing so, the plumber will be able to know the exact location of the problem and what exactly is clogging the sewer line. The drain cleaning method that will be used after that will depend on the result of the sewer camera inspection.

Boston Plumbers Recommend Annual Drain Cleaning

Having your drains cleaned at least every year will ensure that your drainage system will be functioning properly the rest of the year. When you have your drains cleaned yearly, you will be able to enjoy these benefits:

  • Have cleaner pipes. Goodbye dirt, grease, hair strands, soap suds, and gunk!
  • Make your home bacteria-free. Drain cleaning also removes mold and mildew that becomes breeding grounds for bacteria.
  • Clean-smelling home. No clogs mean no nasty pipe odors.
  • Avoid future plumbing problems and, in turn, save thousands of bucks.

Only Hire Professionals To Clean Your Drain Line

Only trained professional plumbers know precisely how sewer and drain systems work. The tools that are exactly needed for the job are used. Sewer and drain lines contain toxic wastes that are hazardous to health. Without the proper tools and know-how, you might contract harmful diseases that may be life-threatening. Worse, you will be exposing your entire home and family to bacteria and harmful chemicals.

Do not ignore your clogged drains. If you observe that your kitchen sink’s drain or your bathroom drain is clogged, call your local Boston plumber right away. Plumbers 911 Boston can connect you with the best plumbers in your area. All you have to do is call (855) 550-9911


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