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24 Aug

Detecting Water Leaks

How To Know If You Have a Water Leak… And What to Do When You Find One!

Whether you rent or own your own home, there’s a good chance that, at some point, you’ll experience a water leak. Maybe you lie awake at night listening to a drip, drip, drip. Or maybe you’ve woken up to a flooded basement or garage because your hot water heater or washing machine has leaked. Or perhaps you’ve encountered a puddle of water and a hole in the ceiling because of a burst pipe. Water leaks can happen inside or outside the home, and when they happen they can cause major inconvenience and expense. Water leaks can be especially costly for you if you’re on a water meter, triggering a high bill from your water company. 

While you can’t avoid all leaks, you can educate yourself about them, so you’re ready if and when they occur. Here we provide some important information about detecting water leaks, and if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation that you experience one, don’t hesitate to call the experienced plumbing professionals at Plumbers911! Our Central California plumbing professionals are experienced at detecting and fixing leaks, and we are here to help.

Common Places Water Leaks Occur

  • Toilets: Toilet leaks are very common, and while they aren’t usually something to worry about, they can be costly if your toilet is continuously running. To check if your toilet has a leak, place a few drops of food coloring in the tank. If coloring is seen in the bowl without flushing, you have a leak.
  • Showerheads: Because your shower gets so much use, it’s common for parts to wear down over time, eventually causing a leak. The rubber washers or O-rings in your shower, which act as a seal between your showerhead and shower hose, can wear down over years of use. If you notice a constant drip from your showerhead, these inner seals are likely worn or damaged, causing water to leak out.
  • Appliances: Over the course of everyday use, appliances can shift slightly from their original position, loosening valves and pipes, and eventually leading to leaks. Check them regularly to make sure all the attachments are secure. You’ll know you have a leak if you notice a puddle of water or water damage on the floor near the appliance.
  • Water tank/boiler: To check for leaks in your water tank or boiler, first check the valves that take water in and out of your boiler or water tank. If there doesn’t appear to be any water escaping, look for signs of a slow leak. These include marks on the floor below the valve or a hissing sound. 

How To Detect A Water Leak In Your House

Even if you don’t see any signs of a water leak, you can detect a water leak in your house by doing the following:

  • Check your water bills regularly so you will notice any sudden increases that you can’t account for (having visitors, for example, or watering the garden more in hot weather). These increases could be the sign of a leak. 
  • Notice any drops in water pressure when you’re filling the bath or taking a shower. These drops in water pressure could be a sign of a leak. 
  • Monitor when your hot water heater/boiler comes on – if it’s on almost constantly, you could have a leak in your hot water pipe. These will generally be underground and could be harder to find than other leaks.

How to Detect a Water Leak Underground

  • Watch for pools of water or damp patches on your floor – if there’s no visible sign of a leak in your ceiling, this could indicate an underground leak.  
  • Notice any moldy smells – underground leaks tend to take longer to come through, leading to mold and mildew, both of which have a distinctive smell.
  • Consider purchasing a leak detection tool – there are several different varieties available, and all work slightly differently, but a leak detection tool will trigger an alert if there’s a leak, giving you the chance to address a leak before it becomes too severe. The time and money a leak detection tool could potentially save you can make them worth the initial investment.

What To Do If You Find A Water Leak

If you do find a water leak, don’t worry – you don’t have to fix it on your own! The plumbing professionals at Plumbers911 are here to help! At Plumbers911, we are experts at leak detection and repair. If you are in the Central California area, there are Plumbers911 professionals standing by, ready to help you. With plumbers in Fresno, Clovis, Modesto, Tracy, Stockton, and throughout the Central Valley, there is always a Plumbers911 plumber near you! When you need us, just give us a call at (559) 258-1904 or (209) 809-1468!

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