25 May

Common Plumbing Issues in Miami FL and How to Address Them

Common Plumbing Issues in Miami FLAt some point in a year, we encounter plumbing problems in our Miami or any other home for that matter. Nobody wants plumbing problems. Why? Mainly because it costs money to be fixed, it disrupts day to day operations, yet only very few do routine maintenance checks!

Here are some of the most common plumbing issues that can easily be fixed by a professional plumber in Miami or YOU! Yes, you.

Read on.

Common Plumbing Issues in Miami

Low water volume in the shower – The most notable reason for this problem is the build-up of lime scale, a by-product of hard water, a common issue in Miami. It is important that the shower head is removed and disassembled, thoroughly cleaned every 3-4 months.
Slow draining sinks – This happens when there’s accumulation of sludge build-up inside our pipes. Slow draining sinks is a common issue in older homes. Only professional Miami plumbers can clean and snake your pipes as the process requires force down the vents to ultimately snake out the drains. This cannot be solved with off-the-rack chemicals for drain cleaning.
Low volume sink faucets – In Miami, low volume sink faucets are not rare. It happens in almost all homes and facilities. This is mainly caused by either lime scale (calcium build up) or gravel build up, oftentimes both. It is recommended that you clean out the screen by twisting the head clockwise to remove it. Observe how you disassembled it so you can easily put it back. Once you’ve taken it apart, remove the gravel or lime-scale off the screen and thoroughly clean the head. Reassemble.
Clogged toilets – We are always advised not to flush anything in our toilets but we cannot avoid things to be flushed especially when we have kids. Be reminded that toilets are to be used only for things they were made for and nothing else. Anything flushed will eventually cause the sewer/drain pipe to clog, stopping up the toilet. The following are no-no’s: paper towels, sanitary napkins, panty shields, tampons, and toys. These should be disposed elsewhere.
Burst pipes – This happens anywhere. Sudden change in temperature and wear and tear of pipes could cause breakage. This can be avoided by thorough maintenance of pipes. In case the inevitable happens, contact a reliable Miami plumber first. However, as a homeowner, it is advisable that you know where your main water shut off is. Most homeowners do not have any idea where their main water shut off is located. Funny, right? But it this real. A lot of homes have their main water at the sidewalk. It pays to know where this is to save you from headaches once a plumbing emergency happens.

Plumbing emergencies will happen eventually. But this can be avoided or the need to call a professional Miami plumber can be prolonged by performing proper maintenance tasks and following common sense rules to prevent stressful, functionality-disrupting plumbing disasters.

Always remember that when something like this happens, despite the preventive measures you perform, there is always someone like Plumbers 911 Miami to help you out with all your plumbing concerns. We can handle any plumbing issue on both residential and commercial facilities in Miami.

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