22 Aug

Checklist Before Calling an Avon Garbage Disposal Replacement Plumber

Avon Garbage Disposal Replacement Plumber ChecklistThe garbage disposal has become a kitchen staple. Disposing food wastes has become convenient because of this smart kitchen appliance. So when it breaks down, it really is bothersome. If you’re one of these homeowners who rely greatly on their garbage disposal, then better read this article. You will need to know about the things you should check before you call an Avon garbage disposal replacement plumber.

Is Your Garbage Disposal Acting Up?

Before calling an Avon garbage disposal replacement plumber, try to perform a reset first. Turn off the unit and find the reset button. This could be located either on the bottom or on the side of the unit. Press the button for 5 to 10 seconds, then release. After that, switch the garbage disposal back on and see if it will respond.

Check the Power Supply

See if a circuit breaker fuse has tripped or blown out. If the circuit breaker is fine, move on to the power outlet and check if the problem is in there. You can plug another kitchen appliance into the power outlet to see if there’s electricity.

If there is no problem in the power outlet, check the wires of your garbage disposal to see if there are disconnections. You might have to disassemble the unit to confirm if the wires are still connected. If the wires are still securely fastened, then the problem might be your motor. Sadly, a problem in the unit’s motor already means a garbage disposal replacement is due.

See If Something Blocks the Unit

Unplug your garbage disposal and shut off the power supply and the circuit breaker to be sure that it will not accidentally switch on. Check your unit’s original package if it has a special tool for manually cranking the blade. If not, find an allen wrench of the same size. Use this to crank the blade through the socket located at the bottom center of the disposal.  Work the blade back and forth until it finally moves around counterclockwise. Then, plug it in and switch it on while running tap water through it.

Optionally, you can use a wooden broom handle or another long and hard object that you can stick into the drain hole to rotate the blade manually. Do not ever put your hand inside the garbage disposal. You will never know whether it will accidentally switch on. If you need to reach something, better use a pair of tongs.

Plumbers 911 Boston Can Find an Avon Garbage Disposal Replacement Plumber for You

When all else fails, that’s the time that you call a licensed Avon plumber to fix the problem. Unfortunately for some, a garbage disposal replacement is unavoidable. To avoid future problems, better have a professional plumber do the job. Plumbers 911 Boston has a huge database of local plumbers in your area who can visit your home right away. Talk about quick service! All you have to do is call (855) 550-9911 to ask for a free quote and to schedule an appointment.


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