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07 Aug

Make Sure That Your Allston Gas Line Installation is Safe

Allston gas line installation plumberAccidents are bound to happen anytime and anywhere if you are not careful of dangerous equipment. Gas systems are considered risky because they can blow up anytime if not installed properly and maintained regularly. Only plumbing professionals should handle tasks pertaining to gas systems so you can be sure that your Allston gas line installation is safe.

Gas line installation is hazardous in a sense that it entails too many risky procedures. Fly-by-night plumbing companies should never be an option if you are thinking of having a gas line installed. Their plumbers are usually inexperienced and are operating without licenses. Moreover, companies like these do not offer insurance. Lastly, these plumbing companies do not have the needed special equipment for the job.

Services of a Good Gas Company

  • Gas line installation – A gas line comes in handy when you use a gas-powered barbecue grill. There will be no need for propane bottles anymore if you have a gas line installed.
  • Installation of a new founder, gas-powered water heater, and other appliances that require gas connection
  • Detection of gas leaks – Gas leaks mean danger for you and your family. A licensed Allston plumber has the right tools that are needed to thoroughly detect a gas leak in your property.
  • Re-plumbing of gas line – Kitchen renovations or home reconstructions usually require replumbing of gas lines. Do not attempt to do this task on your own.

Allston Gas Line Installation Steps

During a gas line installation, a professional gas contractor does the following steps:

  1. Identifies the pipe. The size of the pipe depends on the appliance that it will tap into. This ensures that the appliance, such as gas water heaters, will receive the appropriate amount of gas to function properly. The inside diameter, as well as the outside diameter, is measured. A minimum input of gas is measured in British thermal unit (BTU’s) per hour.
  2. Identifies the fitting material need for the installation. He will choose whether to use corrugated stainless steel or black iron. He will also need to consider what tools and equipment to use for the task.
  3. Cuts pipes properly depending on the material. Plumbing professionals know that iron pipes are cut while still maintaining the size of the inside diameter. Meanwhile, PVC pipes allow more room for deviations.
  4. Disconnects the existing line carefully. Certified plumbers know how important it is to properly disconnect an existing gas line. A pipe wrench will make sure gas flows easily.
  5. Installs a splitter. The old section of the gas pipe is removed and the new section is screwed in place. He then connects a pipe joint compound that will prevents leak.
  6. Follows special instructions during installation. They know the importance of having a shutoff valve.
  7. Inspects and tests the new connection. A proper inspection ensures that the installation is error-free.

Plumbers 911 Boston offers gas line installation in Allston as well as other gas system services. You can call (855) 550-9911 to ask for a free quote and to schedule a visit.


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